1. Where are you located? 
    Our Warehouse is in Long Island City, NY, where our once-a-year Sale is held. Please contact us for notification. Our Online Shop has replaced our retail bricks-and-mortar space. We are happy to offer our collections through our catalogs, samples, personal phone assistance and Emails. Visit our Warehouse by appointment. For details, please call: 1 (800) 332-7847.

  2. What are your hours? 
    We are available to answer your questions by phone or email Monday - Friday 10:30 am - 5:30 pm. 

  3. Where can I buy your rugs? 
    Woodard Weave® Classic American Woven Rugs are available in standard sizes and select designs right here online. Samples are available upon request. Our full collection is available by phone and email through our catalog, as well as through select designers and showrooms. Woodard & Greenstein's Hooked Rugs Collection is available through our digital catalog. 
  4. Are your flat-woven carpets and hooked rugs hand-made?
    Yes. Our hand-crafted products have the authenticity of 19th-Century historic rugs with the imperfections of hand-loomed and hand-dyed floor coverings.  

  5. What are your rugs made of? 
    Woodard & Greenstein rugs are constructed with organic all cotton yarn, and are hand-dyed with environmentally friendly dye materials.  

  6. What sizes of rugs do you offer? 
    Countless sizes, including Runners 27 inches x 6 feet to any length, and Area Rugs large and small. Extra large seamless rugs can be special ordered. Please see catalogs or call for details.

  7. Do you make custom sizes?  
    No, we are not accepting special orders at this time.

  8. How are the ends of the woven rugs finished? 
    Area rugs and runners are hand-knotted with fringed ends at no charge. Bound edges may be ordered at an additional charge.  

  9. What kinds of binding do you offer? 
    Cotton bindings in a variety of colors can be hand-sewn to the edges of rugs to add a distinctive border.  

  10. Do I need a pad under my rug?
    Yes, we offer several varieties of padding. Use a pad to anchor all rugs.  Please call for details on the pads we can order for you.  

  11. Can I use your woven rugs on top of wall-to-wall carpet? 
    Yes. Woodard Weave® may be used on top of wall-to-wall carpets. We recommend using a pad to go between to avoid transfer of colors.  

  12. Can I use your rugs on stairs? 
    Woodard Weave® woven rugs are a triumph on stairs! 27-inch wide woven runners have been used on stairways for centuries. Professional installation with padding is recommended. Call or email for a recommended installer.

  13. How do I clean your rugs? 
    Woodard Weave® is DRY CLEAN ONLY.  Spot clean by lifting the stain as much as possible and blotting with absorbent material.  Apply a dry soil remover, following product directions. Professional application of a fiber sealant can help retard soiling.
  14. Can I vacuum your rugs?
    Yes - gently.  Today's vacuum cleaners often have two rug cleaning brush attachments: one has a hard-driving motor inside the attachment for rugged action on machine-made wall-to-wall carpets; the other attachment (with no motor inside) is the one to use on Woodard & Greenstein rugs or any fine hand-made carpets.  

  15. Can I order your rugs if I'm located outside of the United States?
    Yes, we ship internationally. Please call or email us for a digital catalog.  

  16. How do I know if a product is available? 
    Our inventory changes daily.  Please call or email us and we'll gladly check stock for you.

  17. How do you ship your rugs? 
    We ship our rugs via FedEx Ground.  

  18. How do I contact customer service?  
    By phone: 1 (800) 332-7847 or Email: info@woodardandgreenstein.com