Hooked Rugs

Few of America's 19th-Century folk artists, many of them ordinary country dwellers, ever traveled to Paris to see Pointillist painter Georges Seurat's famous Sunday Afternoon on the Grand Jatte (Detail right). Nor is it likely that anyone ever predicted that pixels would be an everyday presence in our 21st-Century lives.  

Rural American hooked rug makers, working with whatever materials were available, with little or no formal training, developed formidable skills. Carefully hooking recycled textiles into a burlap "canvas", one dot at a time, they created extraordinary floor coverings.  Home needlework, including quilting, crocheting, and knitting, offered family members the opportunity for creative expression in virtually any economic situation. Hand-hooked rugs have been in American households since the 17th-Century. 

The strong graphics of vibrant geometric designs have always been especially popular as floor coverings, both in humble country homes and fancy houses as well. Hand-hooked textiles under foot add a unique element to the household, a warmth and a presence that machine-made items simply cannot provide.

Our Hooked Rugs are all made to order in any size from a small runner, to room sized area rugs, in square, rectangle, circle or oval shapes. 

For more photos and details, order a digital catalog of our Hooked Rug Designs here!