Antique Quilt - Variable Stars

Antique Quilt - Variable Stars

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"Variable Stars" pieced quilt. Circa 1885. Mechanics Falls,
Maine. Over 13,000 tiny pieces are stitched into this extraordinary tour de force antique quilt. Each "Star" quilt block measures 3 inches x 3 inches. A myriad of period calicos are meticulously arranged to form a galaxy of 8-pointed "Stars", each framed with rows of skillfully pieced "Birds in Flight" triangles. The anonymous 19th-Century quiltmaker could easily have finished the piece with simple,minimal quilting. Instead, with astonishing dedication, she enhanced this large spread with fine hand quilting of the highest quality. Here is an example of American Textile Folk Art at its best.

Tag on back inscribed: " Maine Quilt Heritage, #1873, 12/7/1997".
"Documentation Days" are held by quilt guilds in many states. Quilt owners bring their treasures to experts for physical analysis and the recording of all available information about the quilt maker.

Measurements: 82" x 78"

Condition: Excellent