Antique Quilt - Princess Feather

Antique Quilt - Princess Feather

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"Princess Feather" antique pieced and appliqué quilt, Midwestern USA, circa 1935. Spring colors splash around in swirling feather motifs, with stars bursting in the centers. The maker of this remarkably cheerful spread was not shy about using Easter candy hues and she (or he) approached this light-hearted variation of a traditional 19th century design with gusto. Probably based on a rare early 20th century commercial pattern, the needlework is of a very high quality, the condition is excellent, and the quilt appears never to have been used or washed, with very light quilting guide lines remaining. Even the backing is buoyant, a pleasing shade of solid pink. Published in the "Quilt Engagement Calendar". 

Measurements:  68" x 66" (Good size for a wall hanging or throw).

Condition:  Excellent